Critique Services

Critiquing ~ $0.0010 per word
100,000 = $100
75,000 = $75
50,000 = $50
20,000 = $20
10,000 = $10

Don't know if your story has potential? Ever want someone to just read your manuscript and tell you what they think? Then this option is for you. While we will note things we see, we won't correct them. We will tell you what works, what doesn't and if the manuscript is marketable. Because we use track changes in Word, the notes will be made right on the page so you can see exactly what we're talking about. However, please note that this is just a reading and opinion of your story. No significant changes will be made at this level.   

Aren't sure if this is the right service for you? We will give you a two page sample of what to expect when we critique your work. Just contact us at We look forward to hearing from you.